10 Celebrities Every Other Actor Hates


1- Bruce Willis – This may come as a surprise, but apparently, Bruce is pretty hard to work with. Numerous co-workers mentioned that he cares only about himself and does whatever he wants without paying attention to others. It was said he is “soul crushing” to work with.

2- Lindsay Lohan – OK, this one isn’t a shocker. Lindsay is a well-known party girl, which is the reason why she would often be late to the set or not show up at all. She also has a problem memorizing lines, probably because she can’t be bothered to read the script more than once.

3- Dustin Hoffman – The actor said that it’s his dedication to acting that causes his attitude problems. He admitted that he can be quite difficult from time to time, and his fellow actors agree.

4- Charlie Sheen – Rarely anyone is going to be shocked to see Sheen on this list. He is known for his crazy behavior and drug abuse, which eventually cost him his role on “Two and a Half Men.”

5- William Shatner – The Canadian actor is famous for walking off the set a couple of times during his career. Apparently, he choses to work only when he feels like it.

6- Edward Norton – Almost everyone who worked with him in the past said that Norton is pretty demanding of his fellow actors and other people involved with the project.

7- Mel Gibson – When you take into account his crazy rants and the number of times he was offensive towards other people, is it really surprising that he’s erratic on the set as well?

8- Jennifer Lopez – The singer and occasional actresses is known for being quite the diva sometimes. It’s pretty common for her to have ridiculous demands during her time on the movie set.

9- Christian Bale – The actor clashed with producers and directors on a few projects. Then there’s that leaked tape of Bale screaming at his co-workers while they were filming “Terminator Salvation.”

10- Marlon Brando – He is probably one of the greatest actors ever, but not a lot of people enjoyed working with him. Apparently, he often refused to take directions or even memorize lines. Of course, he was so talented that everyone gave him a pass.




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