Pokémon Go Cheats/Hacks

  1. Spin your Pokéball to get extra curve it will greatly increase your chances of a first time capture, and earn you even more XP.

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2. Make use of the Nearby Icon in the corner of the app screen, you will find all the Pokémon in close proximity, also indicating their distance from you and whether or not you have already caught this Pokémon.

Pokémon go nearby icon

3. Tap and hold to ensure you don’t waste Pokéballs, when targeting your potential new Pokémon wait until the green circle is smallest to increase your success rate.

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4. When you find a new Pokémon if it is surrounded by a yellow circle this means you are faced by a Pokémon with a higher CP, you will find it a challenge to catch these Pokémon and may waste a few Pokéballs.


5. Using Razz Berries/Ultra/Great Balls will greatly increase your chances of catching Pokémon at higher levels.

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6. Using Incense will draw in Pokémon directly to your area, this incense last for 30 minutes and will give you a chance to catch wild Pokémon., you will start with 2 of these incense packs when you download the Pokémon Go app.

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7. If money is no option you can restock on items by purchasing on the App, however the ‘Go’ aspect of the game comes into play when you travel to Pokéstops. Head to busy areas and lookout for people using Lure Modules to bring in Pokémon for the capture.

Pokémon pokestops cheat

8. Incubate your eggs found at Pokéstops, when it hatches you will have a new Pokémon. You will need to walk to hatch the egg and you will get an idea of the rarity of the Pokémon from the distance needed to hatch the egg.

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9. Travel to different areas of your city will bring different Pokémon into your sight, look for the usual habitat you would expect to find a Pokémon, travel to water to find water types etc.

Pokémon go pikachu where to find water

10. If it helps you to concentrate, you may wish to turn off your camera whilst catching your Pokémon.

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11. And the most important of all, turn on Battery Saver and perhaps purchase a battery pack as this app is contagious and will really drain your battery on the go.

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SAFETY- Remember to look up when out and about, there are things called cars out there and they might not expect Pokémon Catchers stepping out in busy areas, we gotta catch em all but lets not die in the process.