Most Religious Celebrities in the World


1- Tom Cruise – No one should really be surprised to see Tom on this list. He is probably the most religious actor in the world. Not only is he very passionate about Scientology in his private life, but he likes to talk about his faith on camera as well.

2- Mel Gibson – You are probably familiar with the fact that Gibson is a pretty conservative Catholic. He was criticized for the way he portrayed Jews in his movie “The Passion of the Christ.” He is also known for saying that “there is no salvation for those outside the Church” during an interview.

3- Richard Gere – Did you know Richard is very serious about practicing Tibetan Buddhism. The Chinese government banned him from visiting this country because of his continuous support for Dalai Lama.

4- John Travolta – The actor is another very famous and active Scientologist. Back in 2000, he pushed the Hollywood studios to film the movie “Battlefield Earth,” which is based on a book that was written by the founder of Scientology. Travolta also starred in this film, but that didn’t stop it from becoming a box office bomb.