Celebrity Trends – Over The Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots are long boots that wholly or partly cover a person’s knee when they are wearing them. They have many names, such as cuissardes, including thighboots, top-boots, hip-boots, and waders. They were initially designed as a man’s riding boot in the late 15th century. It was in the 20th century when this style of boots gained popularity among women. Knee boots are used as a work boot in circumstances requiring additional protection for the legs apart from its signature style. It has always been a trend for women to wear shoes that complement their dresses. Therefore every year, new trending shoes for women arrive in the market.

There was the adoption of these types of over-the-knee boots as a fashion item for women. This type of style generally began in the early 1960s. In 1962, these types of boots came to Balenciaga’s fall collection. More modest and smaller than a man’s foot, the traits of a lady’s nearly fragile foot have been valued and highlighted all through quite a bit of history. The collections in it featured a tall boot that Mancini wore. This boot just covered the knee of the person. After a year of this incident, Yves Saint Laurent’s couture collection also included thigh-length, and this was made of alligator skin.

Uses of over the knee boots

There are a large number of types of over-the-knee boots. You can see the end number of collections online at reasonable rates.

These types of boots are waterproof. These types of boots are attached with the stocking feet. In addition to the shoes being used for leisure purposes, they are also used for many uses such as angling or waterfowl hunting, and industrial, heavy-duty mechanical work. They are also used for protective clothing in the chemical industry, agriculture, and the maintenance of water supply, sewerage, and other utilities.

The knee boots look good on women who have long legs. For short on height, these types of boots will not look good over them. These types of boots are very well designed. They are also a style factor nowadays. These boots are made up of rough and tough materials. They give good protection to the legs.







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