Hairstyles for Men with Beards

When you have a beard, the selection of hairstyle or haircut matters a lot. For the sake of your guide, barbershop Uptown is here with the list of the haircuts. Keep yourself engaged with the list and stick to the best cut for you.

Hard Part + Beard

The hard part haircut is one of the trendy look, which a man can have. The haircut is going to suit the men who are having the sharp and precise looks. Additionally, starting with the short comb and then quiff to the hard part, the barber will add the razor parting. Know that the barbershop in Uptown will structure and define the haircut with the razor parting. It is worth mentioning that after the hard part haircut, styling will be in demand even on daily basis. Paying attention to your hairline along with the sideburn is crucial while maintaining the result.

Hard part had made its place in the men’s world because of the look, which it provides. Therefore, when you combine the hard part look with the beard, it’s almost the best style, which men can carry.

Bro Flow + Beard

Additionally, the barbershop park slop is offering the bro flow, another trendy men’s haircut. The bro flow is an ideal look option for the men. The haircut gives you are appearance of the rugged yet sophisticated which is the actual styling choice even for ages. Along with the beard, the overall look is going to add more to your groomed personality.

Short Afro + Beard

For men with Afro-textured hair, the short afro is most recommended. The reason for such a recommendation is the low maintenance while you are in the office. Moreover, the barbershop Uptown experts can shape the cut according to the face shape of the men. As well as, keeping the hairline neat and giving it a sharp look includes the responsibilities of the professional barber. Not only will this, but to add the extra personality or trendy touch in your short afro, the addition of subtle mid fade be best. Sometimes the low fade also looks good with the short afro. Try this style with the beard and grab the attention.

Side Part + Beard

The side part is never going to be ignored when we discuss the best men’s haircut styles. It is confusing for us to mention the beauty of this haircut because what is not to be liked about the side part. The side part haircut looks amazing when you have the smooth and polished hair. Know that the side part is going to suit you no matter what is the type of your hair whether they are straight or curly. The barbershop Uptown’s professional will give you a look in which you will be confident. The natural fall will be given with the pomade or the matte clay to hold the overall style.

Beard is going to boost your personality when adapt this with the side part.  Have this trendy look and feel the confidence in you.

Straight Blowout + Beard

The straight blowout style with both shaved sides gives a bold and trendy look. The key to having this look is actually to maintain the natural texture of hair and keeping each thing at the place. Moreover, it is highly recommended to be careful in case of having fine hair. Know that the blowout of the style maybe end up falling flat or limp before you end your day. However, this happens if you have the thin locks of your hair.

Beard along with the straight blowout is something to the extend of style and model look. You are going to grab the attention of the public with the combination of these two.

Quiff + Beard

Moving towards the end of the list of best haircut styles by Barbershop Uptown, the Quiff is worth discussing. It is about the bulge of hair right at the front of your head that curves back on the rest. Isn’t it the cool look to adopt?

Quiff is a haircut, which gives you the model look when you adapt this bear a heavy beard. Moreover, having a light beard along with the quiff is totally up to you.

Slicked Back + Beard

Not all haircut styles are meant to be trendy, adapt some of the classic ones. The slicked back is the classic look for men to adopt. To rock in your slicked back look, make sure that your hair looks clean and thick. Just do not give your hair a look that they are pressed down by the application of some product.

Slicked back along with the beard are going to enhance your personality and reflect the groomed version of you.

Pompadour + Beard

If you are biased toward having the pompadour haircut style, it is the chance to have it from barbershop Uptown. You are created stylish by the right use of pomade to style the hair up and back. You will be served with the trendy bulge on the top of your head. Within our blogs, we already mentioned the pompadour haircut, now the point is to adapt this with a beard.

The men who love to have a beard and want the trendy look, they should adopt the pompadour along with the beard. The overall look is going to grab the attention and make it possible for you to stand out in public.

To wrap it up

The overall blog is all about the hairstyles for men with beards. We are sure that at the end of the blog you are fully aware of the best styles for you.

We believe that haircut or the way you carry your hair is the first thing, which someone is going to notice in your personality. With the New Year trends, the barbershop Uptown and barbershop uptown are welcoming you to adapt the best haircuts. According to your choice and the hair, you are free to adapt the coolest looks by trying the mentioned haircut. Some of the haircut styles are short hair oriented while some are for the medium length hair. However, no matter which of the haircut you are going to have, the perfection and your cool look is promised.


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