Ideas To Surprise Your Children On Their Birthday

A great song that many times become a real headache. I am sure that many of you will agree with me. strive to organize the best party for them, without realizing that less is more, almost always. That is why today I bring you three simple ideas to surprise your son on his birthday.

Filling the house with lots of balloons, organizing a surprise plan, or throwing a pajama party at home with your best friends can be great ideas to make your birthday an unforgettable and unique day. Do you dare to try it on your next birthday?

I’m sick of the new fashions on school birthdays. The idea of ​​putting together all the birthdays of the quarter to see you celebrating your child’s birthday two months before or after the date. Scares me! Celebrations in a noisy ballpark, the kind that come out like chickens and possibly riddled with lice; Or in one of those small beauty salons where they put even cucumber slices in their eyes, and they end up painted like doors and with the French manicure done.

And above all massive birthdays because for a while now it has become fashionable to invite the whole class (no pain!) Whether you celebrate only your child’s or if you celebrate it jointly with more children from the class.

 Since then, today’s children have become so popular as to celebrate birthdays with 30 children on average, 30 friends! I’m sorry, but it didn’t happen for this. And that I am one of the tricky ones who sometimes bundle the blanket around their head and organize someIt meets thematic, that yes always in petit committee that the crowds never liked me.

But going back to that, almost always less is more.

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