Payal designs: How to buy the right one?

One of the accessories that has gained immense popularity is Payal, also called anklet. Sleek or playful, traditional or intricate, payals hold a unique charm and adds a creative vibe to your attire. But before buying anklets, there are some things you should know about this jewellery item.


Payal is what you wear around your ankles. In western culture, Payal or anklets are generally paired with flat sandals, pumps, or sometimes sneakers. Considering more women have adapted to this trend, you find varied designs. From simple chain style to charms to geometric shapes or the Indian Payal design with gemstones, there is an entire universe yet to be discovered.

Today, Indian women wear payal as part of the wedding tradition. Married women wear Payal with charms as the jingle makes the men aware of their wife’s presence in the house. In rural India, women wear slightly heavy Payal, which symbolises endurance and fortitude. The South-East Asia women wear anklets on both feet, united with a chain. The reason behind this is to learn the short tripping step, which is the feminine way of walking.

Things to consider while buying Payal or anklet

Buying a Payal can be challenging. You need to consider a couple of things while doing online jewellery shopping of anklets like the size, metal, and design.


The design plays a crucial role when deciding what shoes to wear with them. If you want to wear the anklet with your sneakers and crop top, choose a playful charm or beads. But if you’re going to wear them with a Kurti and traditional chappals, opt for an oxidised one. Similarly, if you want to pair them with pumps and an elegant dress, go for a subtle version of the anklet. It is always best to have three to four designs handy, which goes with different shoes.


When it comes to payal, Indian women prefer either oxidised or gold metal. As for anklets, a tan gold metal looks pretty. The silver ones are also nice and enable you to stylise them with different colours which do not mingle with gold or orange or yellow. Remember, you can do anklet jewellery shopping online for any colour except a stainless-steel metal as they might seem weird. Stick to gold, silver, or oxidised ones.


You need to decide if you want the payal to be hanging loose below the ankle or tightly above it. It is recommended to wear them below the ankle with sandals or flip-flops and above with sneakers or pumps. The best way to check on the size is by measuring your ankle and about 0.5 to 1 inch additional to that size.

How to wear them?

It is easy to do online jewellery shopping for anklets, but what next? You must pay attention to how to wear them. While there are varied shoes to wear them with, remember that you should avoid ankle-strap shoes and sandals. You do not want the strap to fight with the Payal or anklet and turning into a mess.

Here are ways to wear different Payal designs:

Oxidised silver Payal

This Payal design provides a gipsy vibe. You can opt for them for morning functions.

Heavy gold payal

Gold Payal with delicate designs is ideal for both morning and evening wedding rituals. They best go along with South Indian sarees.

Kundan Payal

Every Indian bride adores this design. This looks amazing with a gorgeous bridal lehenga and goes for an evening Sangeet session.

Meenakari payal

If you want the design to be playful yet traditional, then this one is ideal for you. It is intricate and has many colourful stones. If the wedding attire is pastel, this works well.

Diamond payal

The diamond Payal only makes you look elegant. If you prefer keeping it minimalist, then consider this one.

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