Wrapping your Baby with Baby Shawls from Mothercare in KSA

Swaddling has been one of the most ancient babies wrapping tradition that is very much still carried out throughout the world. This process helps the baby stay comfortable, warm, and gives them the feeling of being wrapped tight in the womb. Many parents struggle to find the perfect swaddle sheets; however, this problem has been solved by Mothercare. They have the perfect variety of baby wraps, also known as shawls which can help you in swaddling your baby the right way. The square cotton, fleece, or muslin wrap sheets are the perfect swaddle wraps for your newborn. Use the Mothercare promo code to get your hands on the different variety of swaddle wraps for your little one.

How to Use the Square Sheet?

Using the baby shawl or the swaddle wrap is very easy. Al you have to do is lay down the squared shawl on a surface of your bed or baby’s cot or changing table. Fold one of the corners inside and lay your baby on the sheet, the folded corner should fall underneath its neck. Take one corner of the right and tuck it underneath him from the left side, make sure the right arm is laid straight to his side. Now take the bottom corner up to his feet and fold him. Similarly, now make sure to straighten the baby’s left arm to its side and then tuck in the right corner of the shawl. Your baby’s face and a little area of its neck will be exposed leaving the baby nicely tucked, warm, and relaxed. The Mothercare baby shawls are soft and comfortable for the baby, that’s why it’s the top choice in brands for baby in the KSA. Mothercare promo code can help you to get different colors of the baby wraps at a low price.

The Right Wrapping

Studies have proved that babies who are swaddled the right way, tend to sleep fine, and are less cranky. You will observe less crying episodes, and you will also observe them having a better sleep. While some babies feel comfortable with the right swaddling, certain babies like being swaddled with their arms free. For these you can swaddle your baby in such a way that their arms are left free to move around, this problem is very common among babies who like to comfort themselves by sucking on their thumb or their fingers. Mothercare also has swaddle sheets which allow babies to have free arms movement and they are available in incredible price with the use of Mothercare promo code.

Things to Consider

Considering the material, when investing in the shawls from Mothercare is very important. If the weather is hot and you got the thicker material to swaddle your baby, there’s a high chance your baby may go under the overheating situation. Always get the material according to the weather. Mothercare has shawls according to the season so that your baby stays comfortable in all the seasons. Another thing to consider is to make sure you don’t wrap your baby too tightly otherwise it will hinder the blood circulation. Mothercare promo code has made it possible to invest in many swaddle shawls since babies tend to spill a lot of milk which may make the swaddled shawl dirty.

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